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Financial Operations of St. Mary parish

Over these past two years financial resources have had to be made available to meet those periodic inspections, servicing, and repairing equipment that may not have been maintained over time.  In addition, funds must also be available to cover possible cash shortfalls that have occurred at St. Mary – St. Joseph School.  Between the School subsidy and additional payments to cover expenses at St. Mary – St. Joseph School, both the building and the program, the additional monies required amounted to $71,568 for last year.

The following is a summary of Revenue & Expenses for the prior two-year period:


                                                    2016-2017                    2015-2016

Total Revenue                           $313,040                       $334,103

Total Expenses                          $376,248                       $418,374

Net Income/Loss                       ($63,208)                       ($84,271)

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